Some of the things I pay attention to.

Flat out one of the funniest and most enjoyable reads out there:

Also hilarious is Hanna Hart’s My-Drunk-Kitchen (mostly video so it will take time to load but so very worth it):

If you’d like to check out my dream style for clothes, or set up your own sets:

A spectacular design magazine:

A visual feast. Also, a reality check that street fashion can be fabulous and also flat out ridiculous. The lesson? Have fun with your personal style:

From Cincinnati, a sassy woman with a down to earth fashion sense, a heap of talent in the creativity department, and a wonderful sense of humor and fun:

My wonderful partner in crime:

Absolutely worth a look:

I don’t read this blog with any kind of regularity, however if you own, or have ever owned, a dog you will likely laugh your butt off when you read this article:

I’m a sucker for British Homes & Gardens. The added bonus is when I leap to buying a print magazine (very rarely) I can’t buy anything because everything sourced is from the UK. Impulse control, People. Impulse control: