It wasn’t an exciting weekend. It was productive, although not the most productive weekend I’ve ever had, but not exciting. At all.

I cleaned the downstairs portion of our house. This was a bigger event than you would imagine since I really haven’t cleaned in about three weeks. For normal people this wouldn’t render the house as gross as ours was, but we have a dirt yard and two dogs so it was quite intense. Like most people I hate cleaning, but I absolutely love having a clean house. I leave the vacuuming for the very end and in the middle of dragging the ridiculously heavy thing all over our house I begin swearing out loud about anything and everything. The dogs pretty much hide while all of this is going on of course; Emma because she is afraid of the vacuum and Serena because it interferes with her napping. I’m also clearly a lunatic so they leave me to it.

Besides the cleaning I managed to finish a small painting I have been sporadically working on for the past 6 weeks. It isn’t a six week kind of painting I was just really slow working on it. It isn’t earth shattering work, but it is interesting and the colors are luminous and I’m feeling pretty content with not only the work itself but with having actually painted something. (I’m so sorry for the horrendously bad photograph – I’d like to tell you that over the next few days I will replace it with a better one, but I’m 99% sure I’m going to be lazy about it so don’t count on it.*)

Other than that I had a shade too much free time and really started thinking about what I am accomplishing in life. I’ve been frustrated lately with feeling like I’m not really doing anything beyond going through the mundane motions of day to day living. I usually have one big long-term goal I’m working towards, but right now I just have a series of small projects going on. This feeling of discontent is good in that it will at least motivate me to keep digging inside of myself to ferret out what that next step in life will be.

In the meantime we are harvesting the last of our tomatoes (there are more than we are prepared for so I have been giving them away to friends and colleagues), and with the cooler weather I am getting excited about cooking again.

Mike’s parent’s are planning to visit this week and we are looking forward to it, but the visit is pending the looming threat of an Air Canada strike. We are keeping our fingers crossed.

*I can promise I will put more of my art work up on here at some point. I recently backed up some old photos on my little G4 laptop and grouped together some photos of my paintings and books so it is a matter of choosing what to put up and then finding the time to post them. Not too big of a project so it shouldn’t take tons of time.


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