Minor Rant & Some Wistfulness

I heard from one of my good friends back in Boston yesterday that she and her husband of several years are separating. She is managing it, is grateful for her job with great co-workers, and her friends around her. She acknowledges it is painful, but she is a kick-ass person who has a lot going for her and she will go through it with pain, but also with grace.

At the same time it is impossible to avoid this bullshit about Kim Kardashian and how she is “somber” and she went out with no make-up. Ladies, we all know that if you are a person who wears make-up regularly, and suddenly you don’t, it is usually to fool idiots into believing your fakery of… whatever. Fake-called in sick to work yesterday? Show up the next day, sans make-up, and everyone will see how you are bucking up and may even still be sick, poor thing, but are soldiering on. It is the oldest trick in the book.

You know what? Fuck you and all of your bullshit, fake-Kardashian people. I’m supposed to dredge up sympathy, or even some semblance of I give a shit, for this 72 hour joke of a marriage to people who seem as shallow as my dogs’ water bowl at the end of the day? And don’t even get me started on how some people out there still consider this joke-of-a-marriage more acceptable than two same-sex people who are committed and work hard at their relationship getting married.

Give me a break.

In other news…sort of related…

I was reading a blog today and in it the person was getting very excited to meet his dream-girl traveling all the way from Scotland (to Seattle) and he was ready for some public snogging in the airport followed by a hot and heavy weekend filled with canoodling et. al. I miss that feeling.

Of course I don’t miss the crappery that relationships in your 20’s can be. The bullshit, the whining, the flakiness, the fickleness….but enough about me.

Sometimes Mike and I will go out on a Friday or Saturday night and bump into a part of the city or a place that is meat-markety. The desperation. The skimpy slip dresses and no coat in 30 degree weather. The faint tinge of desperation. And some douche-bag behavior. We usually look at each other and thank god we are not in our twenties anymore.

We fully appreciate the true intimacy of a good and healthy relationship in our 40s. It is a wonderful thing. Plus, I am the lucky girl whose boyfriend can still get her weak in the knees.

But sometimes that shaky roller-coaster, butterflies in the gut, quest for the perfect Friday night outfit, hair-just-right, adrenaline rush of the uncertainty…well sometimes I admit that I do indeed miss that. I remember it clearly from when I was meeting Mike for the first time face to face.

Then I think about how sick I was recently and how my wonderful boyfriend made me laugh about  things; things in my 20s that I would have been mortified my boyfriend even knew about me. And I remember that in my 20s what I have now is exactly what I was looking for.

Okay, maybe in my 30s. In my 20s I was mostly just having crazy, irresponsible, selfish fun.


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