Two Tons of Awesome

I am going to start by telling you that this past week has really sucked. I think though, it is because the first week back to work from a holiday break that was TWO TONS OF AWESOME always sucks.

We had two glorious weeks off together. We spent the first week in Toronto, Canada – one of my all time favorite cities – and then the second week at home. We also rang in the new year helping dear friends of ours clean and paint their new super-duper-fixer home. It was grueling work but helping friends is a damned fine way to start the year.

Two of my favorite places – this artist and creative design building that Mike once worked in, and of course Chinatown. Other places I loved that I have no pictures of were the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) and Kensington. So fun!

And we spent a few days in Warkworth at his parents house too. Check out the soldier ornament Mike made out of a toilet paper tube when he was a little boy. So funny.


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