I Take My Job Perks Where I Can Get ‘Em

Wearing this type of attire to work is definitely a big perk. Again, what a cool boss I have. Hey, I dressed it up with a jacket, right? Honestly, no one has even noticed. It does feel good to not have to dress the way I used to have to when working in the corporate world.

Last night we had one of those blissful day in the life moments where Mike and I were just cuddled up next to each other on the couch. I was playing a game on my iPad and Mike was reading through some of his blogs on his iPhone and our dogs were cuddled up with us too. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to – or take for granted – the peaceful and wonderful little moments in life. I make a point of noticing them. When we moved off the couch to make and eat dinner we got into some fun discussions about this funny idea I had once for a comic book with a female protagonist. Then we got to talking about some fiction I was reading and then joked around about collaborating on writing something together. It was a fun idea and one I am giving some serious thought to. There hasn’t been a lot of  opus going on lately to post about. Well, that might be slightly unfair…

Some projects I have been working on mentally and physically…

Making Hats – Each year Mike and I go out to the Oregon Country Fair in Veneta, Oregon (just outside Eugene). Mike has been a volunteer for close to ten years and so I now tag along with him. It’s a wild time filled with costumery, good friends, and fun. I’m not much into wearing costumes and crazy clothes, but it turns out I am into making them. Mike is great because he will wear stuff so I don’t have to. Last year I made him a kilt out of Superman fabric (don’t have a good picture handy). It was a challenging project that took a lot of time but was totally worth it. This year I’m thinking about making hats. Fanciful, wonderful, crazy hats. Hats with horns, glass beads, feathers, lights…all these ideas are percolating. I’ll begin working on them hopefully this weekend.

Cooking – man I’ve been cooking up a storm lately. Maybe my favorite thing so far has been the coconut curry soup with basil lime chicken. So good!

And now I have the writing stuff to think about.

So many ideas, so little time. Which is so much better than no ideas and tons of time. What a nightmare that is!


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