My Two Day Work Week

I spent the weekend in Northern California visiting my sister, brother in law, and their new puppy, Abbey. The weather was absolutely spectacular and we spent a lot of time outside. We even ate outside on sunny Saturday. My body didn’t know what the hell was going on and decided to protest by throwing a sick party and I’ve been down for the count since I got home. Today, Wednesday, I finally feel well enough to be grossed out by the sheets on my bed and want some nourishing food cooked by my own hand. So today is a kind of test run to see if I can make it through a workday (theoretically that will be tomorrow). I’m actually out of bed, threw the sheets in the washer, and there is homemade southwestern style chicken and black-bean soup simmering on the stove.

The old me would have pushed myself to go into work today, but the new me is putting my health first and I decided to take this extra day. I feel a little guilt, but I’m talking myself down from it.

Let me tell you that my dogs are wonderful little companions. I have one at my feet under my desk as I type this. The other is, I think, in the front room on patrol should anyone attempt to even consider approaching this house and harassing us; she’s on it.

Man, I can not wait until my bed is all changed up and fresh. What a blissful moment that will be. After all this activity I think some soup followed by a big nap is in order.


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