Mini-Explosion of Ideas

A few months back when I flew out to California to visit my sister so we could make holiday cards together, we saw some cute needle felting projects in one of the stores. I mentioned I didn’t know anything about it and I was curious. My sister took note and got me a cute little needle felting kit for Christmas. This weekend I finally got around to using it. I made this funny little pig. I actually kind of love this funny little pig. When I first started the project I thought it was kind of boring and repetitive, but the more the little pig took shape the more delighted I was with the whole process. It started sparking ideas for what other things I could make, and suddenly I had a growing list of ideas. The fun part is that they are not all felting ideas. Creativity does indeed spark creativity. Nice.


One comment on “Mini-Explosion of Ideas

  1. Mike Lonergan says:

    It’s awesome to hear you get your creative on. What’s next? Inquiring minds want to know what else is cooking in that cauldron of creativity between your ears!

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