Lazy Poster & Tig Notaro

I’m posting to say I’m thinking about posting. Mike and I went on a big trip. I have pictures and I can share experiences that I feel oddly removed from soon. I managed to get a big fat ear infection when we got back and Ive been a little bit down and out.

In the meantime if you haven’t downloaded this audio from Tig Notaro – via Loius C.K.’s website – then you should. I laughed and then I cried. I laughed and then I got a little bit depressed. But if you know someone who has suffered from cancer, or is suffering, or…well it isn’t really necessary to have that in your life to appreciate this. It is a unique take on finding out you have cancer and basically life kicking the crap out of you at times. And it *is really funny. And brave. Also, she throws in a good reminder to the girl who just got off antibiotics (me) to take her pro-biotics to stave off problems (diligently!). You too. When you finish those antibiotics make sure to take pro-biotics to fix things up in there.

The picture is from our travels in Ireland – Drombeg Stone Circle. One of my favorite days.

It is hard to be back in the U.S. Let’s all move to Dublin, shall we?


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