Old Friends

Did you ever hear from an old friend and are just so glad?! I am not one to keep in touch with high school friends. I didn’t have any traumatic experiences in high school, but I definitely couldn’t wait to get out of there and just start a life that wasn’t dictated by geographical proximity. I kept in touch with two really good high school friends over the years. Then they both kind of dropped off the map. Then about 11 years ago one came back into the fold and just recently so did the second one. We were such good friends. I was her maid of honor at her wedding and she married a wonderful man. She now has two adorable daughters.

We have been trading emails back and forth catching up. The emails feel more like old school letter writing with us asking tons of questions about funny incidents we remember from being 16, asking about each other’s siblings, parents, pets. It is just so wonderful. She and her family were a part of some of my most precious memories from my youth and it is truly wonderful catching up. We are also talking about possibly getting together – husband/partner in tow – at her family camp up in Maine and I really hope we do it. I would love to see her, and be there and share that part of my life and that place with Mike.

So, sometimes, hearing from an old high school friend is a good thing and until just recently I would have been the last person to have said that.

I’m done now though. These two who are back in my life are enough! Quality over quantity.


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