The Big Fat Life List

Do you have one of these? I feel like I always have this list running around in my brain. I seldom write the whole thing out, and a part of me thinks that as soon as I write this out I will feel this tremendous amount of pressure to accomplish everything. Which. Is. Not. Possible. I expect it will also grow over time.

Learn to play my guitar.

Write a song and perform it live, accompanied by myself on guitar, at an open mic.

Learn to use Garage Band.

Record an album of songs.

Revamp my studio space.


Learn to reupholster.

Travel to Ireland.

Go on a hot air balloon ride.

Swim with dolphins.

Volunteer to help high school art students prepare art portfolios and attend portfolio days for college applications.

Foster a collaboration for the “tree project” in PDX (Grant $?).

Create a new exhibit of paintings (at least 10).

Learn to make soap.

Learn to batik.

Visit my friend in Italy.

Learn to speak French fluently.

Learn how to can vegetables.

Learn how to fuse glass.

Climb Machu Picchu.

Visit New Mexico with M & R.

Visit Union Maine with M, J, & A.

Go to NOLA with M.

Feel confident in a bikini again.


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