The new iPhone is coming! The new iPhone is coming!

A few weeks ago my 3Gs iPhone was no longer able to 3G. It was frustrating to say the least. Rather than purchase a new phone I figured I would wait until the rumored new phone – 4S or 5? – was released and upgrade. Mike’s phone suddenly had problems connecting to wifi and his blue tooth device so he decided to upgrade too. Well, today is the day and we are excited indeed. I just finished watching all the videos singing its praises to get myself even more excited (a lot like listening to an artists songs as you are driving to their concert). Still, I have some nostalgia about my 3Gs. It has served me well and I am truly spoiled by having this device. Last night I took some cute pictures of our dogs and had the thought that they might be some of the last photos I took with it. So silly to become attached to a device! However, it is indeed handy and fun and shiny and maybe my photos on this blog won’t suck as bad as they have been to date. So, Mike and I are super excited. And it turns out the last photo my 3Gs took was the note on our front door for the UPS delivery person.


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