Girls Night In

Tonight Mike and I are splitting up. Not forever, just for the evening. He is going to a comic book signing event and I am headed over to a friend’s new condo in the Pearl district for a girls night in (there will be four of us and her adorable dog Brody). We plan to eat snacks, drink wine, watch Bridesmaids (this will be my 3rd time but one of us is a newbie), and laugh our asses off. I am really looking forward to it.

One of the perks to this girls night is to wear comfortable clothes. I think the word sweatpants was mentioned. Yeah. I am not one of those people who can pull off sweatpants in public. So I have been giving this way more thought than I probably should be.

I created a Polyvore set just for the occasion, and while I don’t have these exact items, I actually do own versions of these things. A side benefit of creating this set made me remember this very cool pair of black cargo-ish pants that are vaguely sweatpanty, but have cute pockets and structure all the while being comfortable.

The weekend is looking like it will be fun but not too overloaded with activities. Friends coming for dinner Saturday night which will put the pressure on to tidy up the house. Sometimes I need the pressure of company to clean. Don’t judge me. I live with two dogs and a man. There is always cleaning to be done. I need to think about what to cook for dinner. I’m feeling like it might need to include mushrooms. I am craving something earthy on this cold and damp day.

Sunday we might meet friends for lunch at a local fish house. That is still in the development phase.

Anyway, it looks like enough plans to keep it interesting but enough downtime to relax and do personal projects and maybe a few errands too.

Hope your weekend is enjoyable!


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