Post Weekend Update

The health update is that my body would really like to continue to reject food but has reluctantly started processing it again. As long as I eat small meals that are light in nature (no red meat for example) my body is handling it fairly well. If I don’t eat light/small I am either immediately, debilitatingly, nauseous and have to lie down or I break out in a sweat, get stomach cramps and have to lie down. I just reread that and it seems more sad than it really is. I’m actually doing a lot better.

Some things I/we did since my last post:

  •  Went to see Jeff Beck in concert
  • Carved the rest of our Pumpkins
  • Escaped the potential trick-or-treaters with our annual Halloween dinner out
  • Ordered my favorite, and hard to find, tea in bulk online
  • Made chicken and lentil soup
  • Booked a trip to visit my sister in San Francisco / Redwood City

It occurs to me each one of these things could be its own post….so more on these things later.

For your viewing pleasure, a really funny picture of my dog with her rawhide “stogie” hanging out of her mouth.


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