All The Pretty Tea Towels

A friend and I got together for a little craft time this weekend. I really wanted to do a potato stamping project. I decided to create some tea towels, and with one exception (a high school project carving a linoleum tile and printing on fabric using an oil based paint) I really had no experience with either stamping, printing, or using fabric paint. I did a lot of internet research and I invested in a book. In the end just diving in was the way to go. The idea was to make simple and beautiful things using a very easy and inexpensive process. The notion of taking what essentially is a child’s project – potato stamping – and turning it into something beautiful for my home (and maybe other people’s homes if I get my act together) is very appealing to me.

Determined not to use any store bought stamps or stencils I went the simple route (the potato) and a more complicated route (a hand designed and carved stamp made out of a rubber block). Here are the results, which I am pretty pleased with.


Turned into these:

And this:

And then this:

Started out looking like this:

And with the help of some paint pens, turned into this:


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