Mt. Evans!

Yeah. Here is a picture of Mike and I congratulating each other on making it across the parking lot without passing out. I posted this somewhere else and our friends all thought we hiked up Mt. Evans. It is 14 thousand feet. If you took Mt. Hood and stacked half of Mt. Washington on top of it that is how high Mt. Evans is. So no. We didn’t climb it. But thanks for thinking we are that in shape! This past weekend we took a rare trip together and visited a friend of ours in Colorado. Visiting Mt. Evans was our Sunday sight seeing event and we enjoyed it thoroughly.

Mike and I have been burning the candle at both ends. He has been out at User Experience group events and working on some creative endeavors. I have been traveling quite a bit. This weekend though, he will be traveling to Guadalajara for work and I will finally have a weekend at home to rest. I haven’t been home for the past five weekends in a row and I am really looking forward to it. I am, however, planning another trip for us. We are going to visit a dear friend of mine in Italy, then we are going to hop over to Ireland, where neither of us have been yet.

Other than that I’m in a bit of a funk. My friend passing has really made me drill down and think about what is really worth pursuing in life. I am forever grateful for having such a wonderful boyfriend and the dogs in my life are pure joy. Still, I don’t have any big goals set for myself and that is an odd and uncomfortable place for me to be. For now I will focus on traveling and being open to life’s experiences.


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