I finally had a weekend at home after five straight weekends being away. It was glorious. By coincidence my friends, and Mike, were traveling so I had the very rare weekend with no obligations and no one to consider except myself. I miss Mike (he is on a business trip to Guadalajara). He is due back tomorrow and I can’t wait, but the time by myself has been good. I’ve been moving so much I haven’t had time to process anything. I’m still dealing with the death of my friend. It hits me unexpectedly at times. Such loss. Such grief. I’ve needed the time alone. I’ve been so disappointed in the general populace around me. The things people fight over and the way they can treat each other can be intensely disappointing sometimes.

Anyway, I’m trying to figure out next steps in life, but the immediate plan is to take a real vacation with Mike and let the travel experience happen and see how I am changed by it. First stop will be Amsterdam, then on to visit a dear friend in Italy in his house by a lake, then on to Dublin and various parts of Ireland. I’m excited to see new things, interact with different people and cultures, spend time with a dear friend, and have these experiences with my favorite person in the world. I feel so grateful that we are able to do this.

In the meantime I’ll be cleaning my house to prepare for the dog/house sitters, shopping for the perfect gift for our friends in Italy, finishing up the final details for the Ireland leg of the trip, and making a small gift to send to a friend who recently mailed me some of the cards he made using some of his photography of Hawaii, Alaska, and Europe.

The picture in this post is from the gorge I visited in Watkins Glenn, NY a few weekends ago.

Oh, and did I mention I turned 44 this month? No? Well, I did. Yup. Indeed. Here is how I’m wearing 44. Not bad for an old broad with no make-up on 😉


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