One Speech and One lecture of Note

Well it’s Friday and I made it through this week. It felt like an exceptionally long one and there really is nothing to report of interest except for two videos that crossed my path this week. They aren’t new videos but sometimes social media resurrects things. Sometimes utter shit is resurrected, but in this case these two made me stop and think.

The first is  TED talk from June 2012 given by Amy Cuddy, which discussed body language; specifically how we can reset our own brains using simple two minute “testosterone” postures. Next time you have a big interview to prepare for you might just have an edge. And be forewarned that the story she tells at the end might make you tear up.

The second is a graduation speech given at the 2005 Kenyan College Commencement Ceremony by David Foster Wallace. Mike and felt that this might be worth watching periodically as a reminder. I think everyone can relate.

For me it is even more touching because Dr. Wallace committed suicide; a side effect of his long battle with depression.

We have a lot going on tonight and tomorrow but I am trying to keep Sunday clear of social activities. I’m either going to clean, garden, paint, shop, or do nothing. How’s that for a Sunday plan?


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